Youth For Human Rights

A week ago I was driving in down town San Jose. I stopped at a red light.

My attention went to three boys, all about 15 years old, that were waiting to cross the street. They were all so happy in each other’s company, it looked like they had spent the majority of their lives together.

I then looked closer at each boy.

The first was a tall, skinny, white boy on a mountain bike. Next was a pudgy african american boy with a back pack, reminded me of a mini, younger Ice Cube. He looked cool and independent, had ear phones in and was just chillin with the other two guys. The last boy was of asian. He had a skate board that he was playing around with.

Sometimes if you look beyond the news and the hype you will see the reality … that we are all in this together … no matter what we look like or what type of music we listen to.

I want to continue to make this more of the norm in America. If you agree check out Youth For Human Rights.


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