Lost at sea

Tumulutuent ocean.
Waves crashing hard.
Grief stricken, Fear.
Like a boat lost at sea.

I reach for you.
But you are not there.
A light house in the distance.
Or is it just a flash of light in mid air.

I shiver alone.
Wondering what is to come.
Shall I sail on.
Or let the wind and ocean take me to my grave.

The light grows stronger, more intense.
A solid glow.
I question the light.
It is so bright now I can hardly see.
But I still feel it could be all inside of me.

Help has come.
Your hand reaches out.
I wonder what for.
I pull back in fear.

I cry again for fear that the help is naught.
I pull away and want to continue to drift on.
Lost in the tumultuant ocean.

I look again and see that the light is real.
Your hand is solid.
Your gaze is steady.

I force my body up from it’s apathetic slumber.
You take me in your arms to dry land
I am saved.


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